We are a career coaching team made up of a Job Coach, Occupational Therapist, and Peer Support Worker.

We provide free one-on-one supports tailored to your personal needs and schedule.

Our goal is your career success.

If you face any challenges that jeopardize that success, our team is here to help.

We are available to provide support, answer questions, advocate for you, or navigate services alongside you to ensure that you continue to thrive; whether you are currently employed or transitioning between jobs.

Job Coach

Will be available by phone to aid with any situations that could jeopardize your job success. Will work with you to develop a career plan and be there for you when challenges arise. They will be a resource to answer questions or just to listen.

Occupational Therapist

Will help you nurture and develop a positive work environment. They will encourage and assist you in dealing with barriers and building skills that will help you be successful in life and work. They can be seen privately by appointment

Occupational Therapist

Will help you nurture and develop a positive work environment. They will encourage and assist you dealing with barriers and. They can be seen privately by appointment

Peer Support

Will provide networking and social opportunities that could include social outings, networking events, speakers and workshops.



Job Coach Contact Information:

Julie Shea: 289.919.5266 / Christina Tarsintano: 289.919.5293




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PEPs, Post Employment Program Support is possible thanks to the generous support of:

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