Online Platform

  • Gain information all employment programs and agencies in Hamilton  ​
  • Learn about the current labor market  ​
  • Self-identify Life, Soft and Hard Skills ​
  • Access information on public and social services ​
  • Receive Mentorship ​
  • Debrief with a peer support worker ​
  • Connect with peers ​
  • Network​
  • Identify potential employers and get matched to opportunities 
  • Receive consistent messaging about programs and supports available ​

Capacity Building


A.  Receive Pre-program support

Basic needs – Health – Education – Create an asset map

B.  Receive Standardize Training

 Soft skills – Basic Hard Skills – Social Awareness 

C. Receive Post-program Support

Job Coach/team follows youth for 1 year post-program, providing professional & personal services


D. Provide Post-program support

  • Follows youth for 1 year post-program, providing professional & personal services.​

E. Receive  support and training to service providers

Best Practices standards

F. Administer standardize data collection and recruitment

External Engagement

Employer ​

  • Educate employers on the value of program hires and clear hiring expectations​
  • Enlist employers for advocacy support and program feedback​
  • Create an employer Post-program Support program


  • Change definition of success (employment reporting)
  • Address policy barriers eg. Conflicts of interest (agency or program)
  • Leverage best practices and allow providers to customize to their audience to meet diverse needs.